Custom Model name: ZGMF – GTX102R Duel Sanguine
Builder:Athan Lim Aites of Morgenroete Custom Works
Builder team: Team Classified

Duel Sanguine is a multirole lonewolf type of unit w/c can be on a long range or close combat situation. Equipped w/ a long rifle, spear, dual handgun and knives w/c give the name Sanguine w/c defines as a Bloodthirsty Unit.

Custom kit parts
Base kit:
Duel Assault Shroud
Build Booster pack
Donor parts:
Strike Gundam chest and torso and Feet
Strike Noir backpack
Gundam Barbatos Cannon
Joker brand scissor buster sword
4D brand Revolver
Assorted scrap parts

Paints used:
-top coat clear
-pearl white
-clear red
-gloss white
-venitian gold
-isamu gunmetal
-gloss black
-primer grey

(Images received via Messenger)

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