If the Gundam Build Fighters has a Gunpla Idol named Kirara, CustoMecha also has one, too! But, with her personality, she preferred to be China instead of Kirara. Guys, let us all welcome Miss Abegail Rivera, a part-time model and cosplayer in the Philippines!




Photo from Arnold Queano


Let’s know more about her with this brief chat interview we had…

When did you start collecting Gunpla and what is your first kit?

“Lately last November but I was a fan of Gunpla way back 2010 and my 1st kit was the Nobell Gundam berserk mode.”

How many kits do you have now?

“I have eight (8) built and two (2) pending.”

 Which one is your favorite

I have 3 faves for now! Nobell, Farsia and Pink Beargguy or Astray Red frame.. (so hard to choose)”

What’s the initital reaction of your friends, parents or relatives when they see you that you’re assembling a robot?

“Some of my friends were happy, because I can accompany them with this kind of hobby and my my parents don’t butt in in any hobby I get into so they’re okay with it.”

Never been labeled as “tomboy”?

 “I am one of the boys, I love pink and cute things that’s why they never thought of it. (i guess)”

So, how was the feeling when I told you about being CustoMecha’s Gunpla Idol?

I feel lucky, representing a hobby is something I’d be happy to do!”


From the webmaster

“Actually I, the webmaster of CustoMecha is very thankful that Ms. Abegail granted my request to become the site’s Gunpla Idol. We are not bonded by any contract, all we have is the same enthusiasm and interest in our hobby and collection. More power to you our China ^_^ “

 Here are some of her cosplay photos:


Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire | Photo from Dexter Aldovino


Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire | Photo from Paolo Campos


Kirin Blade Master Set Photo from Gian Bacuyag



Photos from Francis Legarda


Photo from Romnick Parducho


Photo from Francis Legarda


Photo from alizarine.bloodleaf/ronaldo.amos.jr

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