From the modeler…

Now, they are two (2) kits: RE/100 Vidar; kibashed with Master Grade Epyon’wings, leg plates and feet. The base frame is still Vidar’s, some details added by an RG 00Raiser. The chest is heavily modified by plastic plates and scratch building details. The tail of the Epyon is connected to the head by mini magnets. The painting is the color modulation style, using Ammo paints Su 33 set. Wheatering: chipping using Pardo negro Vallesi and Ammo acrilycs. 2 Filters and dot painting by oils.

The Bael is also a re/100 full mechanics : the color scheme is a Tigermeet style from the Czech Republic helicopter Hind. All Tamiya colors and preshading technique. Weathered just like the Vidar, using chipping fluid ammo.
The base is weathered by oilbrushers (chipping and streaking effects basically) plus oil and fuel stains. The tiger and dragon shape are made by plotter.
I have no alias, it’s just me.

The story is the revenge (Vendetta) is its name…. Basically is Gaelio’s revenge on McGillis Fareed. Why not keep the Kimaris Vidar? Well I hate the design…. So I made a Vidar dragon Vs a Tigermeet Bael. That’s all.

(Images received via FB chat)

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