Here’s another complete guide from the modeler, sharing what he did on this project.

From the modeler…


This build was an entry into the Gundam Club Australia’s Build Fighter Competition in November 2014. Using a 1/144 model as a base, we were free to paint, kitbash and modify whatever customization we wanted that represented our personalities.

The primary concept was based on a the Gundam Amazing Exia, primarily designed for close combat situations, was upgraded and enhanced for a more omnidirectional approach using the C-Funnel technology of the Gundam AGE-FX.


Using the HG 1/144 Amazing Exia as a base model, I replaced the shoulder parts with the 1/144 AGE-FX’s shoulders, in order to house four C-Funnels (one small and one large one on each side) and the front skirt of the AGE-FX replaces the Exia’s rear skirt in order to equip two more C Funnels, totalling six Funnels along with the Amazing GN Sword and GN Shield as the Gundam’s first form. Not much modification needed as much of the AGE-FX parts I needed seemed to have fit in places where I would need to use them, making the unit’s first form already a formidable machine while still keeping true to Exia’s sleek and simple look.











The second form would incorporate the Trans-Am Booster (renamed as the ‘Vanquish Booster’ for storyline gimmick) which the part that has probably gone through the most modifications. The pointy spikes on the Booster were replaced by the side skirts of both the AGE-FX and the FX Burst model (as each kit only came with two each when I needed four) both in order to house 4 large C Funnels into each of these hardpoints as well as give the booster a more aggressive look. Polycaps were modified and carved in order to get these skirt parts to attach on the Booster itself, enabling rotation as well as housing the weapon itself.






Three small green ornaments that were taken from an arts and crafts store were also stuck onto the wing part and the bird’s head on the Booster to represent Plavsky crystals, which act as additional cannon weapons and a small cosmetic touch.

Magnets were also used and glued inside the Booster itself, hidden inside the opening near the vents in order to be able to hold in place the Plavsky Wings taken from the 1/144 Star Build Strike Gundam. Effect parts from the 1/144 AGE-FX Burst were also taken and used for the ‘Vanquish Burst Mode’, as these same effect parts can also be attached on the points where the Gundam usually houses the Funnels.


I already liked the basic colour scheme of the Amazing Exia by default, however I wanted to enhance as well as slightly alter a few colors, turning the normal blue into a metallic, and the white into pearl. The internals, joints and hands were colored super silver and some parts that are meant to be yellow were replaced with brass. Overall, it was still consistent with the Amazing Exia look, but with a more ‘divine’ or ‘holy’ touch which tries to imply that I am a fan of angelic themes. I painted the Amazing GN Blade and Amazing GN Sword to a chrome silver in order to have a bit of shine on the blades, but one sword that was left over and taken from Exia Dark Matter was recolored and painted with a shiny green blade known as the Vanquish Sword.

Glitter paint was also used in areas such as the GN Drive and the effect parts from the FX Burst and Star Build Strike to give a more enhanced look.

Airbrush was mainly used however some hand painting was needed on the minor details such as the eyes, and brass sections as well as the glitter parts and minor details. The rest of the kit was panel lined and finished with a clear pearl coat via spray can.

Final Thoughts and Trivia:

Overall, was happy with how the model turned out, though I failed to remove the obvious seamlines on the leg parts, which is very apparent in the Amazing Exia model (and Dark Matter) so I decided to try and cover them up with decals.

Celestial Being decals (taken from OO Qan[T] and OO Raiser sets) were used as well as custom Aston Martin ‘Vanquish’ logo to represent the project’s codename in a more stylish fashion.

The name ‘Vanquish Gundam Exia’ was made up due to the inspiration taken from car names. Because a lot of Build Fighter Gunpla tend to have their original names but with a random cool sounding word added (such as F91 ‘Imagine’, Kampfer ‘Amazing’, Tallgeese ‘Valkyrie’ or ‘Sengoku’ Astray, etc.), I tried to think of some cool sounding word to accompany ‘Gundam Exia’. So I thought of some cool car names and the Aston Martin Vanquish sounded cool, so I thought I’d name the project ‘Vanquish Gundam Exia’ – in that particular order (instead of Gundam Vanquish Exia) to be reminiscent of how ‘Wing Gundam Zero’ isn’t called ‘Gundam Wing Zero’ instead.

Overall, happy with how the build turned out and the concept turned out beautifully despite being my very first custom kitbash though the seamlines really set this model back a bit. I am just happy that the actual idea came to life, with lots of gimmicks and features and modifications worked well together.


To see more images, please visit this link.

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