From the modeler…

MODIFICATIONS: Paint and detailing , photo etch, modifications on parts to enable the pose.
KITS USED: Universal Century Recast of Mersa Works 1/100 Kshatriya

About the build: It took 7 months to build, airbrush was  used only for base coats. All details from the sky blue to smaller are hand painted.

Paints used:
Vallejo flat black surface primer
Vallejo mecha blue grey
Vallejo mecha sky blue
Vallejo mecha deep blue
Vallejo model air grey black, London grey, neutral grey,
Vallejo model grey black, gloss red, bronze
Vallejo metal series chrome and gloss black surface primer
Tamiya panel line accent black and grey
Vallejo AB flow improver
Vallejo Thinner
Other detail colours from Mig Jimenez.

Special Thanks:
To my wife and family and my two sisters for the help with the colours (I’m colourblind), pose, display and concepts.
Toyworld Hobbies ACT Australia for the supplies and more colour advice. 


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