TG-I 0Z-00MS Tallgeese I Custom Painted by Hybridprime

From the modeler…

I’m a big fan of Wing series, I love all of their mobile suits and drones. One of my favorite MS is the first version of the Tallgeese, the TG-I 0Z-00MS, and decided to customize the kit base on its T.V. version and with a little punch of my own version. I also want to challenge myself by giving it a custom lighting, but can lit on its own without noticeable large power supply or fixing it to the action base for it to light.

Paints Used: Note* All my paints are Bonsy aerosol.

-Gloss White, Fluorescent White, Pearl White, Signal Red, Dark Blue, Lemon Yellow, Gold, Copper Gold, Gloss Black, Flat Black, Dark & Light Gray, Primer Gray, Black Tint, Flat Clear, Gloss Clear 


To recreate the T.V. version shield, I created a large Eagle Emblem made from 0.1mm HIPS/Plapate and dip it on a hot water for every 5 minutes and flatten it to the shield’s surface repeatedly, then paint it with gold finish and cement it in place. I also modify the helm’s red crest by adding its form at the front.

Now for lighting the Kit I use 2 types of LED, 3mm Orange LED for the thrusters and gun barrel, and SMD LED for the visor and cockpit. For its power supply I use on A27 12v battery, it is much smaller and powerful than a AAA battery, and it fits perfectly inside the dober gun with a few modifications inside, and along with in the dober gun is the Dip switch, all four switch is used for the visors, boosters, gun and cockpit.

For the paint Job, I want to Recreate the Tamiya Gun Metal and I learned the mixing flat black for the first coat and coated it with the pearl white will do the trick and by coating it with other layers of pearl white will make different variations of gun metal. To make a darker shade of gray I coated the dark gray or light gray with black tint and also used it to darken the shade dark blue.












You may view other images here.

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