From Dirck Benedict Salumbides…

“Its a joint event celebration with SouthPlamo, Gundam Barkadahan Pilipinas and Teambasic groups. The admins prepared a Gunpla Buildoff among the members and an exhibition buildoff for the admins. The admins buildoff will consist of 5 entries with should comply an out of the box rules where no modifications were allowed. My team and I in South Plamo decided to make a theme and base the kits on the Power Ranger color scheme for the 1/100 scaled IBO kits. We made it glossy and bright candytone-like (thanks to Zurc Paints) same as the new look of the power rangers.:
  • Red Ranger – Gundam Gusion
  • Yellow Ranger – Barbatos Lupus Rex
  • Pink Ranger – Barbatos Lupus
  • Black Ranger – Kimaris Trooper
  • Blue Ranger – Kimaris





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