Sinanju Custom by Yoshism

From the modeler…

Description/Concept: As you can see there are certain angles, in the original angle you’ll notice that I actually did it on purpose to achieve some two-tone finish. As for the concept, you can see the gold panel lines that i did this to make it look like its his psycho frame. This was inspired with the Unicorn’s “destroy mode”, in short this is my own version of making a Sinanju destroy mode

Paints used: Bosny: Flat Black and Bosny: Yanmar Bronze, Champ: Chrome Effect

I used the flat black as the main paint and then I added 2 coats of yanmar bronze. As you can see it has some rough effects because of the flat black and as you can also notice there are some unpainted parts of red which i did both on purpose in order to put some character to it. I also used a Gundam Marker Mettalic Gold for its “Psycho Frame” , the ones with gold panel lines and for the thrusters I used the chrome effect same goes for the rifle.”











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