I’ve been lurking and waiting for this project since the day I saw the modeler posted some work in progress images and finally the monster is complete! Here’s Sazabi Mark VII by Wishbone2712 and as you can see the color scheme somewhat resembles the same color scheme of Iron Man! Actually, he doesn’t really get the concept from Iron Man, it was me who noticed it and we came to a conclusion for the best name for the project.

By the way here are the colors he used for this project:

  • GaiaColor Starbright Iron for the inner frames
  • Gaia color starbright Silver
  • Gaia Color Starbright Iron
  • Gaia Color Starbright Silver Starbright S60 Stainless Steel Mirror
  • Mr Hobby Super Metallic Gold
  • Gaia Color Clear Red
  • Top Coat Gloss and Matte
– Plus some metal parts for the tubes













One thought on “Sazabi Mark VII by Wishbone2712

  1. The original yellow plastic on the chest is out of place!!!
    Definitely should’ve pointed that gold like the rest of kit and the pistons also for the aftermarket chain gattling guns.

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