I saw this photo shared by my Sir Eryl Alcazar and Sir Francis Raymund Tang and it is really inspiring to see that the Real Gunpla Passion Knows no Disabilities. According to Eryl, he and his wife saw this boy on his wheelchair and he was carried by his dad up on the stage to meet, greet and had his box autographed by Sir Katsumi Kawaguchi.


This is so inspiring, the boy continues to live his passion by joining the event irregardless of what other people may say, and I salute his parents for being very supportive. As of now, I still don’t know the boy’s name so if it happens that you knew it, please comment in this post or via CustoMecha’s page or group.

By the way, this is his entry…


Now guys, this is something that we should always keep in mind, our hobby does not require one to be rich, elite or whatsoever, all it needs is passion and dedication. 

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