From the modeler…

Kits used: 1/144 Grimgerde, 1/144 Hyakuren, parts from 1/100 Sazabi ver Ka.

Paint used: Zurc’s char red (light and dark), rd gray,Tamiya gunmetal, chrome silver, clear red clear blue, Bosny’s medium yellow and gray

Concept: Created to become Ryuu no Kage’s rival/partner. First time to use airbrush for painting so expect a not so good painting for this one.

Design info: In contrast with the shinobi style Barbatos that is built for agility and stealth. This one is a balance of strength and durability. Taking the samurai’s fair and square fighting style, nobushi is built to fight on the front line, facing enemies head on, thus the additional armors and shield for additional defence and durabilty. Red color scheme to make it stand out in the battle field, its like saying that he doesnt intend to hide, and is ready to fight anyone 😜😜 yeah!!


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