MSZ-900-01 Lightning Gundam Custom by IMPao

From the modeler…

Color scheme was done with the intention of making it look like a different kit altogether but still keep it a straight build. Even the decals were done in such a way that it’s a new MS. I have used the Zeta Gundam’s decal set but instead of keeping the MSZ-006, I have cut and inverted it to become MSZ-900 and also added 01 from Hi-Nu Gundam decal set — to which I have renamed it to Lightning Gundam Custom MSZ-900-01. (Here’s another project made by the modeler.)

(Image link received via FB chat)

01 - y8TKx2C

02 - f8OXzrh

03 - aIcov6c

04 - npM9Duf

05 - EPTXskc

06 - OQ2aymO

07 - DnSY18W

08 - jYdV1sW

09 - 4poHcUO

10 - dAJGyxl

11 - EFDyeiZ

12 - yrVlz5F

13 - yuGmDh7

14 - zgRKTfK

15 - d8MqeqV

To view more images, please visit this link.

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