From the modeler…

Paints used:

*Zurc primers (black, gray and white)

*Tamiya acrylics (used Tamiya royal gray with mixture of Zurc black) (as for the dark colors)

*Zurc Flat White (as the color)

*Zurc Flat black (as for the feet details)

*Zurc Gunmetal dark + Hyper Silver + Zurc Silver (for the inner frames)

*Zurc exia blue + Zurc Flat black (as for the back pack)

*Zurc Exia Blue + flat white (as for the bagpack)

*Zurc clear red * Zurc Hyper silver (as for the missiles)

*Zurc Light gunmetal * Silver * hyper silver (as for the claws)



I used a 3mm led bulb with 250Ohmz resistor and 2x 3v battery and trimmed to fit into the monoeye. Drilled paths so monoeye can move freely.

Seamlines not removed due to battery replacement in the future.


LOG : Started building on May 18, 2017

*Total hour(s) Cleaned : 5 Hours and 40 Minutes

*Total hour(s) Built : 47 Minutes

*Total hour(s) Modded : 3 Hours and 24 Minutes

Completed on: May 23, 2017


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