MS-05B Zaku I (Gundam Thunderbolt Version) Custom Painted by Laksana Eka Lanus

From the modeler…
Well, it’s just a normal build without any modifications done. I only changed the color scheme a bit. The intention was to make the kit look brighter so I kept the brown color, and replaced orange with more yellowish color.  I also added more silver color for the details.
I am using Starbright Military paints (Dessert Yellow, Orange Yellow and Aircraft Grey) and also Starbright Gun Metal and Starbright S60 Light Steel. For the base color I used Mr.Hobby and top coated it with Clear Matte (spray can). For detailing,  I used HD Builder Part – MS Sight Lens and some 1/144 decals from HIQParts.
_zaku1 tb 17
_zaku1 tb 16
_zaku1 tb 15
_zaku1 tb 14
_zaku1 tb 13
_zaku1 tb 12
_zaku1 tb 11
_zaku1 tb 10
_zaku1 tb 09
_zaku1 tb 08
_zaku1 tb 07
_zaku1 tb 05
_zaku1 tb 04
_zaku1 tb 03
_zaku1 tb 02
_zaku1 tb 01

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