From the modeler…

Paints used by Ed Anthony Dilla on this Lupus Ferro Barbatos “The 8th Duke of Hell” project:
Armored Komodo Heavy Industries
– Gloss Grey Primer
– Charcoal Black Basecoat
– Gunmetal Grey (Metallics)
– Gunmetal Brown (Metallics)
– Gunmetal Blue (Metallics)
– Hades Blue-Black (Metallics)
– Dragon Gold (Metallics)
– Red Copper (Metallics)
– Clear Violet
– Satin topcoat for melee weaps
– Gloss topcoat for the inner frame and armour
– Flat topcoat for the Smoothbore Cannon’s body
Alclad II
– Gloss Black
– Chrome
Camera settings: ISO 800, 94mm, f/7.1, 1/80-120s shot with Canon Rebel T2i with 70-200mm f/4L lens & external flash shoe ring

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