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The build for the Kampfer Amazing Custom Dubbed “Kampfer Mjolnir” came about on the Gundam Build Fighters competition of the Gundam Forums AustraliaThis was my 1st ever custom as it was a 1/144 scale, I was not afraid to do anything to it. The inspiration for this build came from the game Armoured Core with their metallic sort of clunky physiques to their MS.

I first started putting the unit together and seeing what it can look like, then started shedding some armour such as in the leg armours and shoulder for more mobility (thinking of practicality in combat whilst in GBF) Then customised my own armour plates with parts used from other kits and plaplate. I then added few more details such as in the chest like a Halo suit, details on the skirts and legs.


I then transferred the dagger holster usually located on the hips, on the shoulder where the armour should have been. Then using parts from my broken helicopters (I built model planes prior to gunpla) I took some rocket launchers and attached them on the shoulder and on the back of the unit. I also then custom built the backpack so that the thrusters will stick our and look mobile and armour plated using spare parts from other gunpla.

The feature that I loved the most out of this kit was its custom scratch built weapons. Let me start with the Hammer. Kampfer Mjolnir (Thors Hammer) wouldn’t be called that if he didn’t have a hammer. But how to make one that will give it justice? So I started searching the web for massive hammers. But none would suit it. Until I decided to just wing it, using parts I found in my room/house I put a shoe rack stand foot (bit that comes into contact with the floor) a 1/144 stand and few bits of cut sprues and plaplate and some paint. Viola! a mighty Hammer!


I then created the Gatling gun from a 4 colored penand added some gunpla frame and some handles. The shield was modified from the beginning J gundam.



I then chose black, gun metal, and silver to keep to that AC feel, this was all spray painted using cans and hand painted details, pretty good for my 1st painted kit I must say. applied decals from my aircraft decals and done! there is a updated decalled version where I applied zeon logos but havent gotten a chance to shoot pics of him. My gunpla building skills has improved since this, and it all began with him, is still one of my favourite, one I will always turn and have a second look








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