HGUC 1/144 MSN03 Jagd Doga Custom Painted by Zul Azman

From the modeler…

This HGUC 1/144 Neo Zeon mobile suit, MSN03 Jagd Doga was finished using the “marble technique” to its main body parts, I used Mr. Hobby Black  coat with Mr Hobby Clear Blue, the gold parts were coated with Mr Metal Brass colour. I also customized some few parts of it, just like the back funnel system from Sazabi and a few small parts to its chest, shoulder and guard.

1977470_919698214720670_4358347956542878209_n 10505547_919698224720669_450593496372739312_n 10940560_919698184720673_8612926222996563455_n 10940630_919698241387334_4295654952882255472_n 1503390_919698204720671_239850686623927460_n 10429374_919698358053989_1201684668049548115_n

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