HGBF Wing Gundam Fenice Custom by IMPao

From the modeler…

The goal was to produce a kit focusing with the basics of Gunpla. This means that the kit should be completed as OOB. No modifications other than seam line removal or sharpening of vfins. But with custom color scheme and custom decals allowed, this gave me the oppurtunity to play with new color schemes and practice with detailed painting and color variation.

The first kit is the HGBF Wing Gundam Fenice. This was done with the same colors of the orginal Fenice but with a different shade. Color variations/separation were done on the green parts of the kit and the right shoulder armor. I’ve also placed a good amount of decals just to make it look more “complete”.

1 - Kh48NpB


3 - C4LsLw9

4 - 4J4LUUB 5 - QmldnKw

6 - lvOE6l4

7 - rF3xws8

8 - sTRExRc

9 - kQS8aIn

(Image source link received via FB chat)

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