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Greetings Everyone! Just wanna share my HG Barbatos Lupus build with few plaplates and a touch of my favorite colour scheme which some dubbed it as Ube/Frieza colors

 Not to mention that this one is my first ever preshaded build (Credits to my groupmates Eduard Quitong and Donald Rey Dela Cruz for the tuts and workspace)
Paints Used:
– Primer – Mr. Surfacer 1000
– Tamiya Acrylics – White, Purple (Preshade), Neutral Grey & Semi Gloss Clear (Topcoat)
– Gaia Notes Gunmetal for the Inner Frame and Sword Mace
Techniques done:
Nothing much fancy about this build except it’s unique colour scheme itself which kinda resembles Frieza and Cooler from DBZ haha! Some challenging parts of the progress are the seamline removal especially in the forearms, trial and error priming phase and tons of masking job all over the kit itself because some parts lacks colour separation so yeah. Well as a gunpla novice I can’t say much about preshading since it’s my first time learning such technique but all I could say it’s fairly easy yet time consuming since we have to compare each painted parts and so on and it’s surely worth the patience 🙂
Modeller: Kenny Cage
Instagram: @followkennethsiy
Twitter: @RKSofficial​
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