Participant’s Name: Jan Kevin Nifras

Project Title: Gundam Wing Protozero – Fenice Vendetta

Base Model Kit: 1/100 Master Grade Gundam Wing Proto Zero

Category to Join: Modified/Customized Gunpla Kit Category


This WPZ project of mine was inspired by GBF’s MS, Wing Gundam Fenice
I started this project by browsing through different pics of our beloved italian dandy’s MS.
I was planning on copying the shoulder armor of fenice but because i wasn’t that experienced in scratch building some parts, i ended up with using putty for the shoulder’s transformation. As a result, i added some sharp grooves on it.  then i proceeded with refining the WPZ’s chest. I added some details and made it look sharper.  Then i proceeded with the head.  i added some wing like extension for the ears to make it look like Fenice.:) I added some parts on it’s knee armor also. Towards the end, i realized that my WIP looked sharper than the original WPZ.
I renamed it Wing Proto Zero Fenice-Vendetta to match its sharp design.
Although this looks complete already, i will still add some gimmicks to this MS once the contest is done. ( I am currently planning on adding a bike that would eventually hold all it’s arsenal.
Stay tune in Customecha for the expansion of this project.:)  I hope you like it guys.:)

WIng Protozero

WIng Protozero

WIng Protozero

WIng Protozero


more images here… 




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