Gundam Elementals Project | Turn-A (Water-type) by Toby Genato

From the modeler…

The series/ theme “GUNDAM ELEMENTALS” is based from the 4 classical elements which are fire, water, earth and air. I’ll be using Astray for fire, Turn-A for water, Titus for Earth and Quanta for Air to complete the elemental set.

Turn-A Water: I added a fin on its head to simulate both a shark fin and to serve as a third fork for a trident. I picked this kit cause of its sleek design and awesome articulation. A lot of people dislike the Turn-A because it looks weird. I challenged myself to use this model and make it badass. The darker shade of blue signifies tougher armour while the lighter is less dense hence lighter much like water tends to be. It’s a balance of both so it can change and adapt to its environment. I added a forearm blade for short ranged combat while the spear/trident (weapon from a transformer figure) has a sliding mechanism. The trident tip can also accommodate a beam sabre

As majority, my work was hand painted. I use acrylic paint (4 shades of blue) and top coated it with floor polish (resin based) to give it gloss look and make it tough.

(Images received via FB chat)








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