DUEL MACHINA ARMADA |Project by Ry Gelito

 From the modeler…
* Builder : Ry Gelito
* Base kit: Duel Assault Shroud  MG 1/100
* Paints used :
  1. Bosny Steel gray
  2. Bosny Aluminum silver
  3. Primer Gray
  4. Chrome for the inner frame
* Short description :
While snapbuilding Duel, I find him too bulky and immobilize since he has too many attachments on him. His color combination is too common too and candy. So, after I finished snapbuilding it, I decided to kitbash him.
Duel is a perfect base for a grunt type gundam. So I added some parts from my scraps to his Assault Shroud armor, excluding unnecessary attachments that make him look bulky, re-paint him with neutral colors, then there you have it… DUEL MACHINA ARMADA!








full armour


full armour2



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