I am very proud to feature this project, though it was already made a year ago, it is undoubtedly an amazing project and as a proof, this won 1st place in GBWC 2013 Special Category (PHL).
Here’s a little story behind this project… from the modeler:
“All kits on the diorama are modified, but the main entry is the MG Jesta. the dynamic pose simply states that he had an encounter with DOM and visually i want to emphasize on the cut portion. The MG DOM has 10 super bright orange 5mm led, while the MG Jesta has 2 3mm led, the diorama itself has 5 led, and on some parts i used fiber optic for those very small light effects. The diorama and the kits are powered by two (2) 9 Volts battery, each LED used has its resistor and separate switch to turn on the diorama base and the kits
Both MG DOM and MG Jesta gets its power source from the diorama base. it is magnetically connected with IC connectors. Orinally, the diorama has running people but its not shown because I’ve used it in a different project. All in all, the build took me about 2 months because of busy schedule and as for the paints, I’ve used mix paints of Mr.Color and Gaia paints and thinner, laquer types”
For more images, please visit this link.

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