From the modeler…


I didn’t paint the inner frame. The frame is so tight and I would have had to sand the plastic all the way through, if I wanted to prevent scraping. Hence, leave the inner frame alone.

The paintjob style is similar to all of my paintjobs. I paint with mostly primers. If there’s any shade between black and white, it’s primer.

All the parts on this guy were primed in black. the dark grey parts were then highlighted in white, to be covered with a ‘mist coat’ of black. The lighter grey parts are simply highlighted in grey (all primers)

The orange bits were primed in black, then in white. After that, the parts were coated in a layer of red paint. Highlighted with orange (red + yellow + white primer).

Handpainted some tan details with a toothpick and the kit was panellined with a unbranded waterproof marker.

I use exclusively Vallejo acrylics. Prior to decalling, a gloss varnished was airbrushed on and afterwards a matte varnish to finish it up.”


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