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Manila, Philippines. A new site CustoMecha, http://customecha.com was hailed as the number one Gunpla site in the Philippines! It conquered the Arts & Crafts category in Topblogs, and currently ranking number 1. The four (4) month old site has dominated all Gunpla sites in the Philippines and currently making its way to international rankings competing ranks from sites from the United Kingdom, United States and even Japan. CustoMecha has members on its official Facebook Page who are from different parts of the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Poland and Slovakia.

The site aims to showcase different works from modelers around the globe, it might be out of the box build, panel lined and decaled, diorama, custom paintjob and even battle damage effect.  Will CustoMecha continue its dominance? Well, we will see.

By the way,this is just a satirical post, Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! :p Gotcha!!!



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