CM ALL OUT Entry No.5 | 00 13 Swords ( Knight of 13) by kravden customs

Sherwin Jimenez
1/144 00 raiser Sevensword/g (00 13 swords/knight of 13)
by kravden customs
Kits used: 00 raiser, 00 seven swords, xn raiser, gundam stargazer, dark booster all are 1/144
Paint; Bosny metallic silver, Bosny bronze gold, Bosny flat white. Tamiya gold leaf acrylic, Gundam marker mettalic green, Sharpie black
This kit was based on Code geass Knightmare (Lancelot Albion), Yup Im a big fan of that anime. The moment I saw Gundam seven on the store i came up witht the idea of building this kit with 13 swords, I was lucky enought that i was able to find xn raiser( if im not msitaken a p-bandai add on for 00 raiser).. Sorry for the low quality pictures, Ill upload a better photo soon (including individual pic of each weapon) I hope you guys enjoy this kit! Btw i named this Knight of 13 or you can just simply call it 00 13 swords. Because build burning has jigen haoh shippu zuki, I Might as well give this kit its signature move wgich is called Azusa’s blessing( you guys can check the last picture)
*All details provided by the modeler.
WIP Pics

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