CM ALL OUT Entry No.10 | Exia Repair (1/100 NG Version) by Enaira Custom

Name: Eryl Alcazar

Base Kit: 1/100 Non-Grade Exia

Project Title: Exia Repair (1/100 NG Version)

“This is my first time joining an event launched by CustoMecha. I decided to make my own version of Exia Repair using an 1/100 Non-Grade Exia as my base kit and modified it become Exia Repair.
Though this is my first time joining in CustoMecha, it is not my first time in joining Gunpla build-off challenges and contest, and for the past entries I made, I always do Modification, Kitbashing, and Scratch Building so for tings to be different this time, I decided to make a battle damaged kit, in which I am anticipating that the other participants who already knew me are not aware of since they know me more as a Samurai themed modification fan.
We all know how a battle damaged kit looks like, but I did not even attempted to burn parts of my Gunpla, I manually did all the scratches as well as the bullet holes and all the burn and dirty effects. I used my hobby knife, a steel saw, Sharpie Gold and Silver and even my wife’s eye liner for the details and top coated it with Bosny Flat Clear.
I am not expecting anything in return from the contest and from the Gunpla I made, I just want to share my kit to the other Gunpla Builders here in the Philippines and outside the country. All in all, it was a fun build for me and the best part is, I was able to acquire new learning in building Gunpla”For all the participants, let me leave you with this quote:
 “You may be a failure, but you are not a loser…. remember, you are able to execute, yes… you failed but, you never QUIT!”
*All details provided by the modeler.

WIP Pics

wip 1
wip 3
wip 4
wip on head

More images (limited to 5)

pose 1

pose 2

pose 3

pose 4

pose 5

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