Just take a look at this custom build Sinanju named Bahamut and I’ll bet you’ll say that this is pure awesomeness. This concept was a project by Toymaker, and if you can notice he used the Sinanju (obviously) as the main kit and if I am not mistaken he also used some add on parts from the Epyon and Tallgeese.








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One thought on “Bahamut Project by Toymaker

  1. The concept of adding backpack (wing), shoulder armors, customization almost whole body etc make it more detail & realistic and absolutely awesome. But still thinking there is still more part/adding needed for the foots. Kind a flying but not real flying image with those foot parts still with the original Sinanju parts..

    And according to the Bahamut name, the wings should be bigger and darker.. And face dragon-like should be adding in the top of Sinanju head.. If put the spear as weapon will be more adding points…

    By the way I like those claws seems more beast-like to me :).

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