Participant’s Name : Putra F. Sinatria aka PFS Indonesia

Kit Model : MG 1/100 Gundam Astray

Project Tittle : Astray Silver Frame – Arch Angel Sariel

Category to Join : Modified / Customize Gunpla Kit Category

Description: I put the color of silver chrome for the inner and dull black (doff) for the armor. Attaching the wing from MG Wing Zero Custom, I intend to make this one as one of arch angel called Sariel, meaning “God’s command”, also known as Sarakiel Sahaquiel, and Saraqael, is one of the mighty archangels mentioned in the First Book of Enoch. Sariel has authority over the spirits (or children) of humankind who have sinned in the spirit. In occult circles he is one of the nine angels of the summer equinox and can protect against the evil eye.

I designed this gunpla in 3 weapon’s modes ; Bow Mode (Archer), Sword Mode (Swordman) and Katar Mode (Assassin) as the representing of Sariel itself based on Shaman King’s Manga. Also, I want to send my uncountable gratitude to Don Waskito as my mentor during the progress of this kit’s customize


2014-05-04 22.18.18
2014-05-04 22.17.40
more images here…
DSC_0114 DSC_0114

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