From the modeler…

“The 1st Astray Prototype, the first of its kind, it’s so rare to see this kit, since I think everyone more favor  the Amatsu Form, but the 1st form have it’s own charm I’d say. The kit itself  can be built so easily, even though the part is gold plated, the snapfit snug perfectly, and the joint is slightly more tight than usual and the not so much nub marks can be seen.
The only downside about this kit is the Gaebolg Bazooka’s handle doesn’t have grooves for the hand pegs, so it’s kinda difficult holding the Bazooka. I had to put some blutack to the handle so it can stick the the hands.

As for the paints, I used flat white, light grey, grey, gloss black and candy tone red for the armor; all painted with spray cans. (Images received via email)

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