Thanks to John Yuen for allowing me to feature his “Ascended Kshatriya”

From the modeler…
“I built this for the Build Fighter Challenge for Gundam Club Australia. Being a long time collector but only really started building and painting kits in Feb this year, since then I am learning and experimenting with different styles of presentation of these kits.
This is my first kit bash/custom weapon parts and diorama attempt. Making use of builders parts and high contrast painting style.

Paints used:
1. Tamiya primers
2. Layering with Vallejo Model color/Metallic Air
3. High lights and details with Mr Metal Color to give surfaces a shimmer effect.
4. Dry brushing effects with Tamiya Acrylics and black panel line accent color
Base kit: 1/144 Kshatriya and Kshatriya repaired
Builders parts used are:
Thrusters from Gunpla battle arm arms, MS Funnel 01, MS cannon, MS Tank, MS Panel.”
I named the kit as the Ascended Kshatriya and this is it’s background story.

Timeline : Unicorn Ep. 7.1
The Star Ring Child’s birth creates a rift in the universe which opens a portal to an alternate universe. 
All that has been will be and all that will be has already happened before. All matter and creation is just recycled product of something else, stars, planets, life forms are all created from the same elements of space. Energy and mass is only borrowed then reconstructed from one source to another. Space is an endless cycle of creation and destruction. The original and only true zero waste recycling plant.

From the twisted wreckage of the Kshatriya repaired a dim light flickers to life, the steady beacon pulses through the endless vacuum of space. Stars form and die, galaxies collide and entwine like lovers embracing. Time seems insignificant in the endless void of space. How many human life time passes.. for we could not fathom … but something did answer the glimmer of hope.
Ancient scribes foretold the coming of “Omnibus Iste Caerules” Latin for “The Blue All Spark”
For more images, please visit this link.

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