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CustoMecha is a blog which was created to showcase remodeling, painting and customizing build of different Gunpla and other Mecha models. This serves as a channel for hobbyists, modelers and enthusiast for continuing their passion in collecting and/or modifying. Most of the featured projects here were not created by the blog owner unless stated otherwise. In return, Customecha will see to it that the original link will be stated in every article to be published and all the credit belongs to the source and/or to the modeler. Most of the images here are borrowed but with the consent of the webmaster or modeler. Thank you for visiting Customecha, please come back and read again the featured posts, you may leave a message via the comment box provided in each article and please feel free to share in your favorite social networking and bookmarking sites.

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  1. wow! thanks for dropping by, I will feature your works here, too. sorry for late reply because i have internet connection problems this past few days

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