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Adapted from his FB-album“I’m ridiculously proud to present my MG Zeta Plus C1! Oh gosh what a journey. Taking these photos I can tell you, was an incredibly fun thing to do. It’s like the final cherry on top for what was an insanely fulfilling journey of a project. I can honestly tell you I had tears of happy accomplishment LITERALLY filling in my eyes when I set it up at the GBWC.”

Here’s a few points on the build:

  • – Used 3 MG Zeta Plus C1 kits for parts and armour cutting
  • – MG Jesta crotch frame and hip joints
  • – MG Delta Plus wings for extension of wings, and lower rib inner frame
  • – MG GM 2.0 ankle joints
  • – MG GM 2.0 arm inner frame for stabiliser inner frame
  • – Cockpit hatch armour created from C1’s rifle part
  • – Extensions to the waist, lower legs (inner frame and armour), arms, rear skirts
  • – Reduction of head width and height
  • – Sratchbuilding of white chest vents and front crotch armour
  • – Replacement of fuel tanks with HG builders parts tanks set x 2
  • – Replacement of back thrusters with Sinanju white trims
  • – HG builders parts thrusters, and grills from HG Guntank Origin
  • – Rare earth Neodymium magnets used for re-attaching lower leg armour
  • – 3 x grey colours for armour separation
  • – Inner frame painted in 2 dark greys
  • – Painted with decanted Tamiya spray can (lacquers) through an airbrush (Neo by Iwata)

(Source) (Full WIP Album)

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