VINDICATOR | Custom Painted and Built by KAMM

From the modeler…

Base model kit: Frame Arms YSX-24RDNE Zelfikar
Paints used:

  • UMP Grey primer
  • Warcolours One coat white
  • Warcolours Warm grey 2
  • arcolours Warm grey 3
  • Warcolours Warm grey 4
  • Custom mix Warcolours Warm grey 2 and 4 + Ochre 5
  • Warcolours Cool grey 1
  • Warcolours Cool grey 3
  • Vallejo metal colour Chrome
  • Vallejo metal colour Aluminum
  • Vallejo metal colour Dark Aluminum
  • UMP Dark dirt wash
  • Alclad II Aqua gloss
  • Alclad II Klear kote flat

Decals: Designed and printed by the modeler.


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