VFEB-06 Graze Valkryie | Custom by Athan Lim Aites of Morgenroete Custom Works

Custom Model name: VFEB-06 Graze Valkryie
Builder: Athan Lim Aites of Morgenroete Custom Works
Builder team: Team Classified

Graze Valkyrie is a multi-role transformable type of unit which specializes for assault combat situation. Equipped with a mid length rifle for high mobility movements and it can be equip with other type of standard military weaponry

Custom kit parts
Base kit:
-hgibo 1/144 graze standard/commander
Donor parts:
-blaze zaku backpack
-slaughter dagger rifle
-delta kai secondary rifle

Paints used:
-top coat clear
-pearl white
-gloss white
-gloss black
-primer grey

(Images received via chat)

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