Tallgeese 3 Blasphemy Project by CustoMecha

Hi there! Let me share to you my latest project, I call it Tallgeese 3 Blasphemy. Oops, before you proceed checking the pictures let me just remind you to lower your expectations, until now I don’t own an airbrush-compressor set. I used Bosny Spray cans to complete this and also performed handpainting on some details. Also, on this photoshoot and due to the excitement I did not use a portable studio, I tried taking pictures using natural light, unfortunately that day, the weather abruptly changes from time to time so you’ll notice some images are a bit dimmer/brighter.

Some parts were from Qubeley, and on some parts, I tried switching TG3’s parts and placed it on some body armors.

P.S.> Will do another photoshoot, so I’ll update this one.

Without the boosters

Qubeley’s knees attached to TG’s
TG’s foot armor part placed to it’s lower shin

Qubeley’s hands switched to TG’s for a more intimidating look
Qubeley’s foot
Grimoire’s backpack, glued some thrusters (middle) and tire caps on both sides

Yup, those violet metal parts are tire caps, too!

Though it can’t be seen, the lower shield part was attached with the use of magnets.

Now, with boosters!

Not just 3x faster, right? ^_^


My favorite rear view


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