SAZABI GENBU ( XUAN WU) | Sazabi Ver Ka Custom by Evon

SAZABI GENBU ( XUAN WU) | Sazabi Ver Ka Custom by Evon

Here’s an excerpt taken from the modeler’s site:

Here is my very first GBWC entry, Sazabi Genbu (玄武)

I did not take much wip photos. Often of time i was working on refining the backpack. Trying to make the backpack like the snake dragon entwined with it was real frustration. The initial design was much more complicated, due to time constraints, I simplified it quite a bit so that I could complete it just in time. The original Sazabi ver ka itself is already very well designed. It bought me time in a way that i could keep the detailing work to minimal and it still looked good.

I worked differently this round. Instead of finish all the mods only proceed to painting, I basically had to do both at the same time. Modifying on the parts i still need to work on, and start painting on the parts that were already ready. Sazabi has so many parts and pieces, no doubt painting took big part of my patience.

Paints used: All from Modo,

Base: Mk11 Grey Surfacer, Mk12 Black Surfacer

PM02 Midnight Black , M-049 Clear Royal Blue, Mk39 Phantom Purple, Mk35 Phantom 35, Mk37 Phantom Gold, Mx 05 Robot Gold, Mx07 Bronze Gold, Mx03 Robot Silver, Mx20 Gunmetal

Coating: M-007 Clear, M-008 Flat Clear













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