***MG 1/100 Delta Plus Kitbash***

Customized by: Athan Lim Aites

Photography by: Anthrenz Valencia

Parts used:

  • Master Grade Delta Plus for main body
  • Master Grade Tallgeese 3 for Booster packs
  • Master Grade gatling gun of unicorn gundam
  • Master Grade beam pistol of unicorn gundam
  • Master Grade spare parts unicorn gundam (tube of bazooka)
  • 1/144 scale -High Grade Funnels of Delta Kai
  • High Grade long rifle of Delta kai

Paints used: -Zurc Primer White -Zurc Pearl White -Zurc Black -Zurc Venetian Gold -Zurc Clear Red -Zurc Light Gunmetal -Zurc Flat Clear Coat

(Images received via FB chat)

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