Lupus Ferro Barbatos “The 8th Duke of Hell” by Ed Anthony Dilla

From the modeler…

Paints used by Ed Anthony Dilla on this Lupus Ferro Barbatos “The 8th Duke of Hell” project:
Armored Komodo Heavy Industries
– Gloss Grey Primer
– Charcoal Black Basecoat
– Gunmetal Grey (Metallics)
– Gunmetal Brown (Metallics)
– Gunmetal Blue (Metallics)
– Hades Blue-Black (Metallics)
– Dragon Gold (Metallics)
– Red Copper (Metallics)
– Clear Violet
– Satin topcoat for melee weaps
– Gloss topcoat for the inner frame and armour
– Flat topcoat for the Smoothbore Cannon’s body
Alclad II
– Gloss Black
– Chrome
Camera settings: ISO 800, 94mm, f/7.1, 1/80-120s shot with Canon Rebel T2i with 70-200mm f/4L lens & external flash shoe ring

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