HGUC 1/144 FA -79FC GUNDAM MUSTERION CUSTOM | Project by yeungenuis

HGUC 1/144 FA -79FC GUNDAM MUSTERION CUSTOM | Project by yeungenuis

From the modeler…

In 2015 February, I went to the Tokyo again for my “Gunpla Advantage”. And, there had a chance to meet with my Japanese friend who is the author of a gundam comic. He signed his name and drew a GM on a box of HGUC RGM-79 FP GM SRTIKER. I promised him that I would finish the kit in perfection.

The FA -79FC GUNDAM MUSTERION CUSTOM is built base on the RGM-79 FP GM SRTIKER. Different types of HGBF weapons kit were added on this kit. Metal parts and details are also added.

For the colors, I used mostly Gaia’s paint. First, I covered the kits with grey or white surfacer and applied the following:

  • Light violet – 24 cobalt blue + 19 lavender + white + fluorescent pink
  • Mechanics parts – custom made violet grey
  • White – EX 01 white + 72 neural grey II + blue
  • Weapon grey- navy blue + white + 72 neural grey II

After the basic painting, I used TAMIYA XF-1 Flat Black for the panel line. For the decaling , purple HIQ parts water decals have been used.

must 001

must 002

must 003


must 004

must 006

must 007

must 009

must 010

must 012

must 013

must 014

must 016

must 018

must 019

must 020

must 021

must 022

must 023

must 024

must 025

must 026

must 027

must 028

must 029

must 030

must 031

must 032

must 033

must 034

must 035

must 036

must 037

must 038

must 039

must 041

must 042

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