Fenice Rinascita “Credo Angelo” by ZF nst Works

Fenice Rinascita “Credo Angelo” by ZF nst Works

From the modeler…

Slight Remodeling, reshaping, custom details and panel lines, and custom colours. Design based on Credo Demon Form from Devil May Cry 4

Parts Used: MG 1/100 Gundam Fenice Rinascita, HG SEED 1/144 Freedom Gundam
Panel Line and details use by ZXL Chisels, pla strips, pla plate
Proportion work: Extend Foot(Heels), Waist, Neck, Ankle and Torso
Paints Used: Gaia Star Bright Gold, Sunin 7 Military Color German Grey, MR Color MS White, and Sunin 7 Military Colour Cobalt Blue Mix with Gaia Ultimate Black
(Images received via email) (WIP Album)

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