From the modeler…

Base model: 1/144 gundam barbatos
Custom: in this project, as you can see i used some house hold materials and office supply ( i like to go green and cheap.. err :-)) )
HEAD: i hate not seeing the evil eyes of the barbatos, i always thought the v-fin is too big so i cut those and give barbatos a new pair of rider antena :-P, i also cut some armor in his cheek plates to reveal his face
BODY: In this part i go for the EX-S macho kind of look, also modified its height by giving him two chome pistons i cut from the runner of my pg strike
RIGHT ARM: not much is done here, i just modify its length by giving him the wrist of the bonus arm youll get out of the box, i also give him new shoulder pad
LEFT ARM: (solomon arm) the piece de resistance 🙂 i go for everything massive and menacing in this part. it is the combination of the two left arm and some plastic plating. i also put led in its palm to achieve gurren/ ironman kinda look and highlighted from the rest of the body with red color to give it more umf, pop, and boom
SKIRTS: at this point im starting to not recognize the barbatos anymore so i just retain it stock front skirts but add the back booster armor with all its gimmick to the side skirts for more beefyness
LEGS: stock shoulder armor goes here, i pla plated the tights give new pair of booster down there by the way the white exhaust if you notice is made from rim of cup noodles
PAINTING: i use bosny grimer gray for the base and hand painted with enamel everything that is not gray :-P,  for the top coat i use bosny flat clear some dry brushing and some graphite brushing to give him more battle harden veteran kinda look

An upgraded version of the gundam. it’s outfitted with three ahab reactor at the back for max power output needed to weild the montag group left solomon arm, that they salvage from the left arm of last gundam frame ever produced who ended the calamity wars the ASW-G-73 GUNDAM SOLOMON

(Images received via email)

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