1/100 Graze Custom | Grunge Graze by Radtad Co.

1/100 Graze Custom | Grunge Graze by Radtad Co.

From the modeler…

The parts I used for this kitbash are: (if i can still remember)
Base: 1/100 Graze
Head: Zoids bat head, I used peg to attach the head and neck, parts from bandai antenna pack.  This neck is from MG Blue Astray i think.

Body: ARF’s chest plate, the white colored parts on the sides are from bandai valkyrie vf-1. Vents i can’t remember from which kit. Back collar, I’ve drilled a hole to attach the backpack (had to screw it up to secure).

Shoulders: Shoulders is from valkyrie vf-1(to attach the binder with missle) btw the missile parts attached to the graze binders are from kainar full metal. The detailed parts are from vf-1.
Arms- used thin plaplates, dm strike parts, kainar full metal and some parts i can’t remember. Moving on…

Waist: Used vf-1, plaplates and kainar full metal parts.

Legs: mg red astray parts, back of the legs( sorry no pics yet), used runners and kainar full metal parts.

The most interesting part, the foot! –  i actually used graze shouler parts as the base and then kainar full metal, vf-1, sinanju, red astray, abit of plaplates to make it bigger so it can stand on its own.

Backpack:  is pretty simple, just used vf-1, sinanju, zeta plus c1 tanks and some pegs.

Colouring/paints used: air brush as base, black primer can, vallejo air model. Hand paint using tamiya and mr hobby paints and silver marker. Lastly the decals are from dm strike and some other extra decals ive kept. End with mr hobby flat topcoat.










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